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Scorched Moon is an open source remake of Moonbase Commander. Looking for automatic news and updates? Follow us on Google+, Facebook, or join our mailing list.


07/16/2017 - Scorched Moon going into hibernation

While posts here have not happened in over a couple years, intermittent work on Scorched Moon has been happening in the background. However it has become apparent that our love for Moonbase Commander exceeds our only semi-active programmers ability. Because of this Project Tether is officially going into hibernation status until (if) we ever get some new talent to help.

03/14/2015 - Scorched Moon now on Github

With the ending of Google Code, Scorched Moon is being migrated to GitHub. Please bear with us as we get everything converted. As part of this we are also re-branding Project Tether under the Scorched Moon name rather then keep the names of the project and the software separate.